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Clumping - antiparasitic

Made with 100% natural Bentonite, enriched with organic activated carbon granules that allow maximum binding and odor absorption.

Bentonite sand with activated carbon has a specific molecular structure that can absorb odors very quickly, and when it comes into contact with the liquid it clumps into hard lumps that are easy to extract.

Circulo carbon activado grande-01.png
  • ​100% natural

  • Non toxic

  • Antiparasitic

  • Easy to clean

  • Ultra odor control

  • Excellent clumping action

  • Attracts your cat´s natural instinct

  • Extremely long-lasting

Packing options

In 2kg, 4kg or 20kg custome packs.

Interested in developing a world class label private program?



Our Private Label Program

Comprehensive solutions to help you boost your business

Why us? We have an experienced team ready to give a hand whenever needed.


We offer a full assortment of premium cat litters, 100% natural, fitted to each market needs.


Each of us will be doing his best to ensure that you get what you expect. No task is impossible.


Our logistic team is able to develop a supply program to any international port. Just tell us yours!


Our long experienced design people is in position to provide outstanding private label packings. Give us your guidelines, and we´ll make a piece of art!


Commited a 100% on customer satisfaction. We are so sure of what we offer that, if by any chance, you are not happy, we´ll replace the cargo.

Products are extracted from the northern Patagonia and the Argentinean Andes, to be processed and packed in the San Pedro´s  facility.  From there, all products goes directly to each customer port.

20+ years
of experience

Shipping to more than
35 countries

100% natural



Contact us

Blas Parera 51, Piso 7,Florida, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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